3 Tips On Buying Your Lucky Lady Jewelry

Buying jewelry for your girlfriend, mother, sister, or any other lucky lady in your life is the ultimate "big gift in a small package" if you know what you're doing. Whether you're looking for a personalized monogram necklace or a monogrammed cuff bracelet, you've came to the right place. Jewelry is the absolutely best gift for the most important woman in your life. It tells her you love her without you having to say a word. What could be better?

Today we're going to give you some tips on how to buy that lucky lady in your life jewelry if you don't know how to speak the language.
  • Listen for clues! Pretty much every woman understands that our tastes can be inexplicable to you non-fashion-blog-reading life forms. She will drop hints! Pay attention to what she stops to look at when she's shopping. Is it modern? Minimal? Vintage? Check out her Pinterest and Instagram, as well as her Amazon wish list!
  • Know your metals and mind them. One of the first things you'll want to take note of is what color metal your lady wears most often. Is it rose gold? White gold? Yellow gold? What is she wearing right now? Does she only wear diamonds or does she wear a lot of color, too? You get the picture.
  • If you're not married, be careful with rings. If you are close enough to her to want to buy her jewelry but not yet married, avoid the ring box at all costs! Because there will be an awkward moment when she will wonder if it’s THE RING box and you are about to propose. 

Dana Babik
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