This Fall's Must Have Jewelry Trends

After this Spring's larger than life statement jewelry, we've seen this summer's jewelry trends downsize a bit. Thin layers of rings, pretty rose gold arm cuffs, and skinny jewelry are all the rage. While these pieces are small in size, they still make just as big of a statement. Here at Finley Lane, we've got all the pieces you'll need for this Fall, which looks to be going in the same direction in terms of thin, romantic styles of jewelry. Whether you're looking for personalized monogram necklaces or cute arm cuffs, we've got it all for you!

Trend #1: Arm Cuffs. These are adorable either higher up on your forearm or allowing them to dangle romantically off your wrist. We suggest stacking a few different ones for a great boho chic feel.

Trend #2: Ear Cuffs: Are you seeing a trend here? Create an illusion of multiple ear piercings and channel or inner rock star, or simply rock one for a cute but edgy ear accessory.

Trend #3: Midi Rings. Midi rings are a great way to look effortlessly cool and trendy while not overdoing it. Stack multiple sets of tiny little rose gold bands on the same finger or buy one ring that looks like multiple ones.

Trend #4: Rose gold. Rose gold creates another effortlessly chic look, and it's a great fall color. Either dress up or dress down any outfit with a rose gold watch or rose gold necklace and you'll catch every eye when you walk into the room.
Dana Babik
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